The Utilization of Flash Mob and Viral Marketing as a Promotional Tools

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Flash mob Pages: 4 (1188 words) Published: September 29, 2012
The utilization of Flash Mob and Viral Marketing as a Promotional tool: A Case Study of Mizone Product.

Adlina Nufikha

A thesis proposal presented to the Faculty of Communication President University in partial fulfillment of the Qualitative Research Communication Subject Assignment, Concentration Public Relations

May 2012

1.1 Background of Study

In recent years, with the innovation of promotion tools, print media and broadcast media that know as main promotional tools have a new challenged, as many new promotion tools that appear with the uniqueness and the power to attract and influence people .Generally speaking, the majority of companies has started to use new forms of promotion for their promotion tools such as Flash Mob. Mizone, is one of isotonic product in Indonesia, is a product that use new promotional tools that known as Flash Mob. Mizone is one of the most successful flash mobs marketing campaign, they create a message and used Flash mob to convey the message. Mizone City Project become the grand title of the campaign event, the concept of that event is street dance. Mizone invite people be a part of the star advertisement. Mizone organized this random series of events to be aired on local TV as an official advertisement. Mizone was just one example of how the companies have changed their promotion tools to flash mobs as a unique way to launch viral marketing campaigns for their product. An atomized flash mob occurs when a group of people are mobilized through email and text messaging to come together in a public space, perform the same activity, and disband within about ten minutes (Molnár, 2009). Flash mobs use viral marketing techniques, where viral marketing would involve an effort to spread an idea by encouraging people to pass on the message. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are now just as common in spreading the initial plan for a flash mob. Palmer and Koenig-Lewis...
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