The Utilization of Allusions in Brave New World

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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The utilization of allusions in Brave New World vitalizes science, history, and literature, emphasizing the importance of these elements through the facade of deeming them nonexistent. "Over the main entrance the words, "Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Center," as Russian scientist Pavlov conducted experiments to determine how conditioning takes place, individuals began to respond in a predetermined way. In Brave New world the citizens are conditioned to think, act, feel, believe and respond the way the government wants them to.

As many allusions are made to biblical references, science has become God. In a world where individuals are controlled down to their very impulses, emotions, and thoughts, science has the ability both to imprison (by conditioning, for example) and to set free. The idea of nature being nonexistent is highly emphasized as "reflexes are unalterably conditioned", portraying that instinct is nothing more than what the citizens are programmed to believe. As everything is automated the precise descriptions and names used for the building such as, "College of Emotional Engineering", is used to reflect the values upheld by the community. Alluding to predestination, the community has what is called, "Neo-pavlovian conditioning rooms" in which babies are conditioned to resent books and flowers. In the Bible, God is deemed as the predestinator, yet since God is substituted with science it has now become a function of the government bureau. Careful to use what's useful yet limit what's dangerous, the world controllers view science as triumphant over human nature.

As history has been stripped from the individuals, literature is outlawed, and the only kinds of serious writing are the sleep-teachings used to condition children to function as ideal members of society." History," he repeated slowly, "is bunk", exemplifying how the vitality of history is discounted and these perceptions are invoked on each individual. In Brave New World...
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