The Using of Mobile Phone Among Vietnam Students

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In the today’s society, with the development of modern technology, there is no doubt that mobile phone, as a perfect invention of technology communication, is one of the most essential things of people. It is common to see more and more mobile phone users have appeared in the universities everywhere. This study, based on primary research, discusses the use of mobile phones among FSD students. Particularly, the objectives of this study are: (1) To discover the time and purposes of FSD students in using mobile phones, (2) to indicate disadvantages of cell phones and (3) to provide for viewers some useful solutions to cope with problems related to the use of mobile phone. This research explains clearly why students chosen their model and spent a lot of time on it by giving benefits of cell phone, purposes they use it and specific reasons for that. Besides, some tips which are given in this report are very necessary with students to make their use with mobile phones become more effective and safer . The results show that finance, , studying interruption and health issues are negative effects realized by FSD students. Finally, based on the findings, the report draws the conclusion that students should take some concrete actions to use up at positive points’ mobile phones and change their attitude.

1. Introduction

In the present age, mobile phone is a particular device with hundreds of news functions created everyday. This issue, thereby, has changed the using purpose of people towards their cell phones. Besides mobile phone now can be considered as a pocket laptop which has the same features like a real computer. Hence, people tend to “stick” with it much more than they used to do. In the article published on March 2, 2009 Rick C.Hodgin reported that six in ten people (60%) of the world’s population has a cell phone subscription, increasing 45% after 7 years. Especially, the majority of this growing trend comes from poor and developing countries and Vietnam is not an exception. According to General Statistics Office of Vietnam, in 2010 Viet Nam had 142.4 million mobile subscribers and this figure is expected to grow up by 3.9 million in 2012. Unfortunately, even though it is a hot trend, there are not many articles were written about this and the qualities of those are not guaranteed, too. Most of them are advertisings to attract as much customers as possible. Rarely can we see an article about the real situation of using cell phone among scholars. “Nowadays, each student can own at least a mobile is not strange anymore. But what are the benefits when using them? How to control and balance them in daily life? And even fashionable ? Those questions are being concerned very much but still hard to answer” (Truong Thuy Phuong Thuy 2006).

Thus, this research is aimed to help readers understand the situation now, and to be more specific, we will focus on the main users of mobile phones _ students in general and FSD students in particular. The questions are all about the concerned : the time, purposes and negative impacts when using and owning mobile phones.

2. Methods

This research paper is based on primary source of data acquired from a survey carried out within Faculty of Management and Tourism. Questionnare is the only method been used for 100 FSD to occupy. There are three main groups of questions in the form. The first group consists of two closed questions from number 3 and 4, estimating the time with mobile phones among students. The three following questions: 5,6,7 reflects using purposes when having cell phones and the two last questions refers to the effects of owning mobile phones. The focal intention of those is to look deeper into the way university student use their mobile phones. Furthermore, some effective advices were given by the surveyed to help other better solutions with those who addicted to mobile phones.

3. Results

This section describes the results...
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