The Uses of Microsoft Word

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What are the uses of Microsoft Word?
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While many homes have word processors on their computers, word processing in the home tends to be educational or business related, dealing with assignments or work being completed at home. Some use word processors for letter writing, résumé creation, and card creation. However, many of these home publishing processes have been taken over by desktop publishing programs such as, which is better suited for these types of documents. Related Answers

·What is the use of Microsoft word and who uses it? [->8] you use it for making documents and the #1 thing when making DOS files Education
Many schools have begun to teach typing and word processing to their students, starting as early as elementary school. Typically these skills are developed throughout secondary school in preparation for the business world. Undergraduate students typically spend many hours writing essays. Graduate and doctoral students continue this trend, as well as creating works for research and publication. These manuscripts are often in excess of 200 pages, and are typically the defining point of a student's

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