The Users of Smartphones

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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The users of mobile devices
Who are the users of mobile devices in today’s world? The fact is that there are a large number of users and almost everybody has some sort of mobile device. In the review we will discuss three articles. The first one, who are Smartphone users by Andromeda Yelton, will discuss who the general users of Smartphone’s are in the United States. The second article, Enhanced Student Technology Support by bobby Siegfried will discuss the use of mobile devices at universities and the third article, Mobile Phone Usage Survey Among Students And Staffs Of Universities Using Data Mining by Santhalingham et al, discusses a study that was done at universities and colleges in Kanchipuram to explore the extent of various mobile phone model and service providers among students and staff. The article explains who are actually using these Smartphone’s, how they are being used and the diversities of the use of a Smartphone in general based on the surveys conducted. The survey found that more African-American and Latinos’ (English speaking) were using Smartphone’s’ or feature phones than Whites were and that in certain categories that percentage doubled. The survey found that there was an increase in wireless connectivity access across most demographic groups especially with younger adults and the lower income based homes. What they found was that majority of these people who used their Smartphone is for internet usage did not have access to broadband at home. The Survey also revealed that more African-American, Latino’s are cell-only wireless users, and more than half the Hispanics go online every day. It also showed that either these same percentages of people were in the groups where they were young adults or came from low income based households or they either never graduated High School or Graduated but did not attend College. In conclusion the article empresses that although media suggests a certain stereotype of the common users of Smartphone’s,...
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