The Usefulness of Psychological Profiling Techniques

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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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To identify a person’s characteristics, psychological profiling can be described as a method. Offender profiling, also known as criminal profiling is an apparatus that is used in sort to facilitate the investigator of a crime scene to outline unidentified criminal offenders. Offender profiling is a technique of identifying the committer of an offense based on an investigation of their life. Parts of the offender’s qualities structure are resolute form the choices he makes previous to, throughout and later than the crime. To terminate the manners of the criminal, the information together are very helpful. Holmes and Holmes (2008) outlined three major goals of criminal profiling by the resources of regulation reinforcement: 1.Interviewing suggestions and strategies.

2.The social and psychological into of an offender should be provided (for instance age, personality and race) 3.Psychological evaluation of property to give information in the investigate warrant. The limitation of the study is that they only used serial killers, so we can ask a question that what about the other killers that have they committed the crime only once? On the other hand the strength of this investigation is that the goals of this study can help the investigator to find out who the offender is. The main assumption of the offender profiling is that by the offence’s characteristics, the characteristics of the offender can be determined and therefore by determining the characteristics of the offender, this can provides evidence to the investigator that why the offender caused the crime and what was the reason that he did that. For instance because of the past experiences that Jack the ripper might had in his life with the women, he may have murdered the prostitutes. Therefore, by making assumptions of why the criminal have committed the crime could help the investigators to solve the criminal offence. The study that showed offender profiling is very useful in the investigation...
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