The Use of the N Word

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  • Published : January 22, 2006
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The word "nigger" has become a popular saying amongst our current population. The word appears to be used more each day by an assorted group of people. I've conducted a research in order to gather a better understanding as of to why the word "nigger" is so commonly used. I've collected responses from my fellow class mates and read a book called nigger to acquire addition information about the different opinions brought on by its usage. In these responses were patterns that helped me to get better acquainted with this idea. Most writes provided me with the same answer, that the reason why people call each other "nigger" is because it is used in a positive way. With this information given, the next question that came to mind was is it appropriate for people other than African American to use the word "nigger". We know that it's not used in a negative way, but does that still make it acceptable for a person of another race to use the "n" word? From my personal experience with the word "nigger", I can say that yes I have used the word "nigger", and know a lot of people who use it. This crowd of people is usually African American. However, I have witnessed it used by Hispanic and even white people. From what I observed, the word was never used in a distasteful since. The people surrounding the speakers didn't react in any specific way, but there was a bit of skepticism in the atmosphere when it was said. Because it is so rare to hear someone use

it negatively, "nigger" has adopted some new rules. For an example, most people can use it as long as it is not used in a way to hurt another person. This is precisely how the word is used anyhow. In Data Collection 1, one narrator wrote "In my neighborhood, we use a variation and watered down version of nigger." Reason being since the word is "watered down" it does not possess the same intention as it did three hundred years ago. And because the word "nigger" is "watered down", it does not spark a negative...
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