The Use of Statics in Everyday Life

Topics: Data, Statistics, Evidence Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: July 23, 2012
The Use -- and Misuse -- of Statistics: How and Why Numbers Are So Easily Manipulated

When we think about statistics, we really think about the data only when it is an alarming or amazing. For instance, here in the valley that the chance of hurricane coming our way is when we listen to the statistics of percentage of how close it is coming close to our coastline. However, in this article it really conveys about the misuse it might cause when the data is not entirely correct because of the person imputing or misinforming and misinterpreting the outcome. When we read a statistical analysis of a pharmaceutical drug company claiming no birth defects among a sampled group of young mothers we are assuming the data published is correct and rechecked for the validity of its claim. The question that came to mind when reading this article is that “the validity of a statistical analysis is only as good as its individual components.” In other words, the data could be misconstrued to persuade or discourage because of the person or persons organizing or imputing the data. We seem to be inundated with statistical information from every organization, government, and educational systems. And the real problem is the manipulation that some resort to swaying the publics opinion. We see commercials of Pepsi versus Coca Cola polling a couple of individuals stating whether on is better than the other, but we never see the actual size of the population pooled and only reveals what favors the company. In this article, in summary, talks about the statistical interpretation being maneuvered or manipulated to show favorable results producing questionable results. When have these results get published it causes concern because it does not take into account other factors. It had an example of a very good example of how an impact of wrong statistical information could affect the performance of supermarket sales if it wanted to raise prices not because of an increase of sales. Questions...
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