The Use of Smartphone Applications

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Tiffin University

The Use of Smartphone Applications
In Relation to Communication and Organization in Presentation Readiness As Well the Effects of the Smartphone on Business in General.

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CIT 514 (Section 95)
Information and Decision Support
Professor Susan Treece

Michael Bond
Tiffin, Ohio
April 29, 2012

This paper talks about the use of Smartphone applications (apps) in relation to communication and organization in presentation readiness as well as the effects of the Smartphone on business in general. The Smartphone can be a lifesaver when giving presentations on the road. There are various apps that can turn your phone into a portable presentation device. The Smartphone as a presentation device eliminates the need to lug your laptop around. You can also use the social media networks to conduct business on a wider scale. The Smartphone has also allowed business to be conducted in non-traditional ways. Employees are now able to conduct business through their phones no matter where they are at. Several Smartphone apps allow people to multi-task more efficiently. Smaller businesses can run almost every aspect of their company from their Smartphones. The increased use of Smartphones can lead to security issues if it is lost. There has also been a decline in the social etiquette of the office.

  I remember when the first cell phone came out in the early 80’s. We called it “the brick” because that is what it looked like. It was expensive and not very effective. Over the years, advances in technology and thinking have greatly improved the effectiveness of cell phones as well as reducing the size of the phone. Over the last 15 years, the new “must have” item has been the Smartphone. A Smartphone is a mobile phone with added features that make it “smarter” (Unuth, n.d., para. 1). In a nutshell, these features, known as apps, give the phone the ability to be used in more ways than a regular cell phone. This paper will examine the use of Smartphone applications in relation to communication and organization in presentation readiness. It will also examine the effect that the Smartphone has on business in general. In the business world, presentations are the life blood of companies. They allow you to present information on a wide range of items such as ideals for new products, plans on how to restructure departments within the company, initiating a new computer security system among others. How your presentation goes has a major impact on whether your pitch is a failure or a success. So obviously, making sure you have a solid presentation is an absolute priority. Smartphones and their various apps are beneficial to business presentations in several ways. It is true that Smartphones aren’t as powerful as laptops or as showy as tablets (Fieber, Jan. 25, 2012, para. 1). However, almost everyone has their phone with them at all times. If you are on the road giving a presentation, your Smartphone can be a valuable tool. The Smartphone can act as a flash drive. You transfer all the files you need to your phone. If there is a computer available where you are presenting, it’s a matter of moving the files from the phone to that computer. If you use apps such as Dropbox or Box, you can retrieve any files that you might have forgotten to bring. Bluetooth Remote PC will allow you to use your phone as a remote control for your presentation. (Fieber) You get to the location and there is no computer available. What do you do? Some Smartphones have the ability to be connected to a monitor or a TV. You need to make sure that you have the right cables with you to make the connection. Each phone has different capabilities, so don’t forget to run a trial presentation before hand. Document to Go and Quickoffice Pro will allow you to run PowerPoint presentations that are on the phone. LogMeIn is an app that gives you access to your desktop no matter...
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