The Use of Small Pox in Biological Weapons

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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this essay deals with the chance of small pox being used as a biological weapon in the future of chemical warfare

Biological Weapons

The use of Small Pox in Biological Weapon

Mark E. Theriot, Jr.

American Military University

This essay will explore the use and effects of small pox as a biological and chemical weapon by using five articles. These articles will show the diverse use and also different point of views of each use of small pox in different weapons throughout the world. Also looking at the affects of what small pox can do to a person and also what it can do at a wide spread area if used for genocide. This paper will show the research of numerous people and not only has what small pox done but also when it does happen what can will we do as a society. As a society we need to understand what this weapon of mass destruction to the human race can do and also look to the future of when it will be used, because it will be used.

The use of Small Pox in Biological Weapon

Small Pox is one of the most contagious and fatal biochemical viruses that the world has ever known. If this virus is used as a biological weapon it could be devastating to this planet and the human race as a whole. The first documented use of the small pox virus was during the French and Indian War of 1700’s (DR. Leigh Vinocur), during this time the British Army decided they were going to use blankets, clothes and anything that had been used by small pox victims against the Indians and the French Armies. This tactic is a form of biological and chemical warfare. This tactic was used and killed 50% of all the affected tribes during that time because of lack in the medical area for a cure (Dr. Vinocur). According to Dr. Vinocur the small...
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