The Use of Independent Films on Teaching Philippine Literature

Topics: Film, Education, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: January 31, 2011

The Problem and it’s Scope

Literature has been traditionally understood having dual purpose of entertaining and educating its audience. Literary texts are constructed in effect as objects of beauty, sources of pleasure and as conveyors of messages and information. The entertaining and beautiful aspect of literary works acts in reality as part of the appeal and attractiveness which the work tries to attach to the ideas which it seeks to convey. The beauty of literature is therefore a part of its rhetoric, a device intended to strengthen the overall persuasiveness and influence of the work on its audience. While the entertaining aspect of literature may be rather obvious, understanding the ideas or values which a text advances is not always a simple task. Literature, much like modern advertisement, is often an attempt at persuasion which operates on subliminal levels and artfully instills its message by concealing it under a cover of fictional situations and devices affecting the audience on emotional, intuitive, experiential, and instinctive levels. In a world which is increasingly mediated by communication and information technologies, teachers are faced with far-reaching demands to integrate new technologies into teaching and learning. The role of the school teacher is evolving from that of a giver of information to that of a facilitator of student learning. New technologies already exist to help teachers complete the evolution. Understanding that students learn in different ways. Most adults believe that the role of students is to get an education; they emphasize school, homework, and learning. Yet, for most learners, school is the place where they hang out with friends, homework is a chore that they're required to do, and they are far more interested in learning about the social world around them. Teens try to spend as much time with their friends as possible. In school, this means passing notes, finding friends between classes,...
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