The Use of Force

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  • Published : April 7, 2007
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The effect that the reader gets out of the story is often dependent on who is telling the story and what desired response they want. No matter who the writer is I think the audience would get a different message out of it because they would each portray their individual emotions in different ways and writing styles. "The Use of Force" by William Carlos Williams was told from the point of view of the doctor. There were four characters involved in the story. I believe any difference in point of view would have invoked an alternate response from the reader.

Since the doctor was the one telling the story that made it so that we, the audience, saw everything through his eyes. We got his perspective on the situation. The main issue that he was having was getting the little girls mouth open wide enough for a long enough period of time to get a throat culture. Seeing it through his point of view made us see how and why it was important for him to do this. However, if it had been through another character's point of view we may have had some trouble understanding his reasoning. He did say that he had "fallen in love with the savage brat" and I think this had a big effect on the audience believing that the parents knew nothing about their daughter. It made it seem like the doctor knew more about the child just because he was, in fact, a doctor. As if him having seen her physical appearance for a few minutes had made him an expert on her particular situation. When he says that the things the parents are saying such as "he won't hurt you" or "The nice man" are making her skeptical towards him, we automatically assume that he is correct and these are the wrong things to say in this situation. Again I feel if it was told from someone else's perspective, such as the parents, this would seem like the right thing to say to comfort her.

If it had been through the little girls point of view, we may have felt some more sympathy towards her. Instead, I personally...
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