The Use of Cellular Devices

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Mobile network operator Pages: 4 (1424 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Tyler Cartwright
The Use of Cellular Devices

The use of cellular devices is slowly but surely taking over the minds of our people; particularly in American youths. Every person, young and old can be seen on their cellphones throughout his or her day. Cell phones cause distraction in people’s workplace, classroom, and domestic environments. This is due to the increasing competitive market of cell phones. Companies today are creating cell phones that are more than just call to call capable. Cell phones are now more like a pocket sized computer, game console, and music device. Cell phones have internet capabilities that link you to the World Wide Web, and can also be used as cameras capable of capturing the world and allowing people to miss the actual society around them. With these new capabilities coms serious consequences, People use these phones at all times of the day even when it is dangerous. Cell phones are a safety hazard on the road as use of them while driving is killing thousands annually. Many consumers don’t understand that a cell phone could potentially be very harmful to their health with all the radiation being passed through phones. Face to face contact is seriously decreasing especially in young people because generation Y is so absorbed in new technology that is used in cellular devices. Many parents are providing children with cell phones at a young age. As the cellphone creates safety as the parents can be connected to their child, this exposure to technology at a young age creates significant consequences. As the new wave of smart phones has hit the shelves many young children have in their pocket not only a cell phone but a text messaging device, a music (iPod) player, and a gaming console. With the amount of distraction that the different “apps” provide, the cell phone creates multiple distraction for children who are in a peak age of their social lives. Cell phones have too much to offer. The games that are released are...
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