The Use of Cellphones These Days

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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The Use of Cell Phones These Days

Communication has always been important among humans. Technology offers us fast and reliable equipment these days. Cellphones are popular for the young and the old and they can also entertain us in our spare time. They can also create problems, though. Many people died because an irresponsible use of cellphones, especially car accidents. I believe they have more positive aspects. As a consequence, I will mention two effects of using these devices: promoting easy communication and providing different resources.

Since wireless, mobile and portable phones were created, communication became much easier these days. We can take our cellphones with us all the time and make calls whenever we want; consequently, we are able to talk with our relatives, especially the ones who live in places that are very far from, us without being at home. In addition, having a cellphone could save our life. For example, if we have an accident and there’s nobody around to help us.

Cellphones not only promote easy communication, they also provide different resources. Besides the common applications that a cellphone used to have such us: mp3 player, camera, and text messaging, the new cellphones, that now are called smartphones, provide us with many useful applications that can save our day. For instance, now they have internet; therefore, we can check our email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We can also download other applications and games from the app store.

In conclusion, cellphones will bring both positive and negative effects, it will depend how we use them. Cellphones are very necessary in our lives; however, we ought to be very careful because we can get addicted to them if we don’t use them measurably.
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