The Use of Capital Punishment Could Never Be Justified in a Civilised Society

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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The Use of Capital Punishment could never be justified in a civilised society

The issue of whether or not capital punishment should be used is a highly debated topic by all of the world’s leading political figures. There are many people who think that the use of capital punishment should continue; however, this essay will explain to you the dangers, disadvantages and misconceptions about the death penalty. Since 1973, over 130 people in the USA have been released from the death row due to evidence of their innocence, if so many innocent people continue to suffer, then why does the death penalty still exist? As there is so much evidence as to the wrongful deaths of many ‘criminals’ it seems natural that the death penalty should be abolished. Furthermore, if the death penalty was abolished, it would allow the criminal to change their ways and become a better person, however, whilst it is still in use, it completely defies the aims of punishment. If the person who committed the crime did do something back to the community and changed the way they behaved, this would actually send out a message and become an inspiration for other potential crime committers. In addition to this, the abolishment of capital punishment would prevent it being used simply as a form of revenge. According to criminologists, this is a key motive for the death penalty and this can often solidify unity against the criminal. Moreover, when the public hear about the terrible crimes that have been committed, their opinions may drastically influence the decisions made by the legal authorities and a way to put an end to all of this would simply be to do away with capital punishment. In the past, although it still occurs now but less often, capital punishment was used against certain racial, ethnic, political or religious groups, despite the fact of whether or not they were guilty. However, countries and states that still use the death penalty think that it is a deterrent. Their theory is that...
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