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The Use of Animals in Research

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The Use of Animals in Research

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  • March 2012
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The Use of Animals in Research

I have never given much thought to scientific research and the use of animals in conducting it. I guess my view of it was from movies or television and I never thought about it seriously. Using animals for scientific research that would benefit humans as well as medicine seems like a logical choice without even knowing any other information on the subject. Of course, as with everything, there are two sides to a story and many different opinions. The discussion of using animals in research usually brings out strong emotions in people. Of those who are in favor of the research, they speak of the benefits in medical research. Antibiotics, vaccines and chemotherapy are a few of these benefits that are reaped because of animal research. Of those who are not in favor, they mention the possible suffering and morality in using animals in such a way. It doesn’t seem fair that taking on side or the other on this subject indicates that one group cares about animals and another group does not. It shouldn’t be an issue of caring or not caring. The issue should be to reduce total suffering for humans and animals. Without animal research and the medicines that are the result of that research, overall suffering from disease in this world could be greater. Animals should not be exploited or abused in the process of research. The APA has a set of guidelines that are to be used during research and protect the animals. In the Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in the Care and Use of Animals, there are a set of rules that must be followed in regards to the research. There has to be significant justification for the reason the research is being done. Also, the psychologist must monitor the research to ensure the continued need of research is necessary. The guidelines also state that the personnel for these tests/research be very competent and experienced with animal behavior and a laboratory. Housing for the animals...

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