The use of animals for the scientific experiments

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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The use of animals for the scientific experiments:

For years universities, pharmaceutics companies and medical schools have been using animals for experiments. I think that animal testing is unacceptable for various reasons.

Small animals like hamsters, mice and rats are usually kept in plastic boxes about the size of a shoebox. Several animals live in one box. Larger animals like dogs, cats and primates usually live in wire-cages. Most of animals stay in their cages all the time except when they are being used for experiments.

Animal testing costs a lot of money, as the animals has to be fed, housed, cared for and treated with drugs. The animal testing may occur more than once which means more than planned. The cost of buying animals is itself expensive.

Scientists use animals to test cosmetics, medicines and a lot of other products. Many of these labs burns, shock, torture and starve the animals without pain relief. For example baby mice endure several injuries without pain relief. Another example is that Botox is only safe for humans once it kills half of mice tested.

Animals that are experimented on either killed after their use or others injuries and spend the rest of their lives in captivity. The reaction of a drug in an animal’s body is quite different from the reaction in a human. Therefore, animal testing is unreliable.

Animals that are in labs are not in their natural habitat so, they will be under stress. Consequently, they won’t react to the drugs the same way as in their natural environment.

Animal testing statistics show that animal loses their lives during the course of experiments. Some lose their limbs, eyesight or hearing ability. All in the name of saving human lives. I know that people kill millions of animals for food but you can’t compare that with months or even years of torture animals’ through. Wouldn’t you rather been killed in one shot than being tortures by needles, cuts and poisonous chemicals being...
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