The Use of Academic English

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Why we have Academic English?
The English language was “overdress[ed]” when the William conquered Britain in 1066. The English language was marked as inferior. French was incorporated into every part of the country. The lawyers have used the new language to their advantage. Eventually the English restored their social status but French words were integrated into the English language. Then people used the new English language to avoid scrutiny.

Why academic English is used now?
* Obscure or hide meaning
* i.e. “Articulate in a manner in keeping with clarity” can be interpreted as “communicate clearly” * Appear authentic (ethos?)
* ? The pre-William English language being marked as inferior and then integrating French words considered the new English language as superior * Greed
* The average person won’t be able to understand the technical language then they have to hire someone to interpret it for them. Telling the Truth
The academic English is employed to obscure or even hide the truth. In “The Daily Telegraph” the article written by Neil James wrote “The commissioner, Neville Owen, who ran the HIH inquiry, said that vague language was a factor in its collapse. He called for plain English audit reports to be mandatory. ” This statement shows the academic English being used to at the very least obscure the truth, the bankruptcy of HIH. One uses the academic English to benefit themselves. The American politicians had used academic English to avoid giving the message that the American troops were killing any Iraqis. They had chosen to say “degraded by 70 per cent a body of soldiers” instead of “kill”. The lawyers have also been taking advantage of using academic English, since the majority of people would have difficulty understanding the language. The academic English is used to appeal to audience’s ethos. The government uses academic English to establish “authority”.
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