The Usage of Newspapers in Esl Classroom

Topics: United Kingdom, Teaching English as a foreign language, English language Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Task 1 : Summary of Journal Articles

The summary of Article entitled “ English Newspapers : Exploring Innovative Methodological Paradigm. A study into classroom Dynamics ” by Naveen K.Mehta

The basic reason of selecting English newspapers as a teaching tool is very pragmatic as English newspapers cover an array of information and knowledge and that too within the reach of our students' wallet. The use of English Newspapers will certainly encourage and motivate the students and help them to sharpen their LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) skills. The present paper aims to study issues that are interwoven with teaching English through English newspaper in an ESL classroom. Fenholt (1985) offers numerous activities that are based upon the use of newspapers as a learning resource to enhance reading and life skills of the students. Chandler (1988) Newspaper like 'the Tulsa' would also introduce a special programme for adult "Read Up" that combined use of daily newspapers with a telephone hotline to facilitate the students to improve reading skills. In India, Newspapers like "The Hindu", "The Times of India" etc are very popular among the learners of English Language as they have a special column/feature to sharpen the English Language Skills of the readers. The students those who are living in such places, fond of reading English newspapers in comparison to the students of country side. The main advantages of using English newspapers in an ESL classroom are Provide motivation for reading and discussion in English, develop affection and interest towards the use of English Language, make the process of learning interesting and innovative, flexible and adaptable to all curriculum areas and grade levels, promote good reading habits that will help in a better understanding, offer a wide variety of knowledge and information -- news, sports, weather, editorials, and comics, a very cost-effective way to impart learning, contain practical vocabulary and the...
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