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The Usa in the Global Society

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The Usa in the Global Society

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The USA in the global society The role of the US in the global society is not addressed as much in the first text “_The disconnects in US democracy” by Noam Chomsky. This text focuses more on the problems the democracy in the US faces on a national level. The second text “European arrogance and weakness dictate the coalitions of the willing” by John C. Hulsman, a Ph.D. in modern history, addresses the role of the US a bit more thoroughly. In his article Hulsman talks about how the US has an opportunity to “cherry pick” their allies in Europe, and gather support of their foreign policy on a case by case basis. By this Hulsman means that since the European countries are so divided on many matters, the US can rally support and form a “coalition of the willing”, by using diplomats to engage in negations with the European countries on the national level and in the national parliaments. This is because some countries may appear as they are against a certain initiative on a first glance, but really these countries can be persuaded to join this “coalition of the willing”. Hulsman argues that this is a for more attractive way to conduct the foreign policy of the US, instead of standing alone, and simply rejecting any proposal that doesn’t fit the US agenda, as it was done the US government handled the Kyoto Protocol. Hulsman describes the actions of the US government following the Kyoto Protocol as a great diplomatic and public relations disaster. In the third text “Speech to the Republican national convention” _by Arnold Schwarzenegger the focus is on US as the world’s sole superpower. Schwarzenegger talks about the United States being the hope for democracy, and not the UN, and he also believe America to be the leading economy and the leading nation of in the world. The US has reached a turning point in its history. Barach Obama won the presidential election on the 4th of November 2008, which means that for the first time in 12 years has a democratic...

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