The Uphill Struggle

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The Up Hill Struggle

The Uphill Struggle of life is a struggle/climb that is inevitable. People all over the world are faced with Many Struggles. Everyone are faced with struggles regardless of race, color, background neither your status. We are all faced with some kind of struggle. People all over the world including our Bahamian people face struggles that seem impossible for one to overcome, but it is what makes us human, and makes us appreciate our lives and the things we do have. It is easy for one to complain about their struggles, but one must remember that as bad as the situation may seem, there are people in the same neighborhood whose struggles are even more challenging. We as people need struggles in order to elevate us from a place of protest to productivity; from grumbling to gratitude and from selfishness to satisfaction. The struggle is occasionally all we need propel ourselves to go that extra mile to take that initiative to accomplish things that we once found imaginable. We all have an uphill struggle and a battle we have to fight for ourselves and with the help of God it is possible. I believe that the best way to convey the uphill struggle is to write about my own and show how I will try to make my future the best outcome possible. I Believe life is all just A Beautiful Struggle.

My life as it stands started from a childhood of segregation from my mother. I was always kept away from my mother by my fathers family (My Grandmother and Grandfather) and was told many tales such as “She is a bad mother” and many other cruel cold statements about her. I spent my life from birth up to grade six of primary school with my mother absent in my life and with the imagery of her being a bad mother. This was a hard blow for me as a pre-teen not knowing any better than from what I am told. The night of my Graduation of Grade six my mother was present and I told my Grandmother and father that I wanted to be with my mother. They took it personal and gave...
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