The Unwinnable Argument

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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The Unwinnable Argument
Cameron Carroll
4 Apr 2013

The Unwinnable Argument
The United States of America recently took its biggest step toward universal health care. The debate wears on about whether the Affordable Care Act truly is universal health coverage, as well as the debate of whether the United States Government should provide universal health coverage. Rising cost of health care and high number of uninsured citizens suggests we need change but is universal health care really the answer for the United States? The government already has programs to provide coverage for those who cannot provide it for themselves. The majority of Americans now believe we should have universal health coverage, but a government run universal health care is not the answer for the United States. Health care is anything but a new topic in American politics. Out of thirty three developed countries on this planet, thirty two have universal health coverage. The most recent country to transition into universal health coverage was Israel in 1995; leaving the United States as the sole developed country without universal health coverage. Being that the United States has been in this position for 18 years, it seems there has been no rush. Is it because the United States is in no rush? Or is there something else keeping the United States lagging behind? President Clintons Health Security Act of 1994 was the closest the United States had ever been to achieving universal health care. However, the bill received backlash from insurance companies and citizens who were already covered. Even with the majority of congress being Democrats backing Clinton, the bill failed. (Underwood, 2012) Similarities exist between the Health Security Act and the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act received the same criticism nearly 20 years later. The fact that a similar bill now stood on the winning side of health care reform, further proves the notion that the United States is in need of...
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