The Unsafe Internet Highway

Topics: Internet, Social network service, MySpace Pages: 4 (1477 words) Published: January 29, 2013
The Unsafe Internet Highway
Jerry Maguire
English 125
June 30, 2011
Laura Burke

I. Introduction
a. Dangers and risks of internet and social networks b. Whether being bullied online, tempted with all the Internet has to offer or being distracted from their housework, social networks and the Internet need to be used with caution. II. Body

a. Cyber bullying
i. kids using Facebook to make fun of others
ii. hate groups
iii. posting humiliating pics or videos
b. Dangers of young kids on social networks/Internet
i. pop ups/searches
ii. filtering software
iii. sign up scams
c. Distraction from responsibilities
i. spend more time on social networks than doing homework
ii. less time being proactive
iii. lots of internet devices
III. Conclusion

The Internet these days can be used for just about anything, good or bad. Due to the dangers on the internet, it is not appropriate for children to surf the web unsupervised. The dangers and risks are things such as straying away from safe sites and getting into sites that are not suitable for children. That’s why it takes someone who is old enough to understand the dangers and risks included. The first danger on the internet is cyber bullying; it is usually done by classmates of kids in middle school, against overweight or underweight children, and children who stand out of the norm. Also, inappropriate pop ups and searches occur often even when not meant to. Which can be confusing and tempting to young kids whose curious minds enables them to determine right from wrong. Parents need to be aware of what their children are searching or viewing on the internet. By being unsupervised it is easy for a child to view or have access to social networking that can easily influence the child. In order to prevent children from viewing or searching websites there is software that enables the Internet to be filtered to your preference and...
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