The Unquiet Death of Eli Creekmore

Topics: Foster care, Family, Child abuse Pages: 2 (904 words) Published: June 13, 2011
The Unquiet death of Eli Creekmore
The unquiet death of Eli Creekmore is a documentary produced by KCTS in Seattle Washington. The film details the life and tragic death of Eli Creekmore, a three year old boy who was killed by his father on September, 26 1986. On that date, Eli was taken to the hospital emergency room by ambulance and was seen by Dr Tom Robbie. Dr Robbie stated that when Eli arrived in the emergency room he was completely unresponsive and his stomach was extremely distended. Eli was pronounced dead upon arrival, the cause of death was a ruptured bowel. One of the most unsettling facts about this tragedy was that Eli had been treated in the very same hospital on multiple occasions for injuries that were a result of abuse at the hands of his father. On several previous occasions Eli was treated by Dr Peter Milliken who also reported the boy’s injuries to Child Protective Services in Everett. According to the film, Eli’s father, Darren Creekmore was often unemployed, a heavy drinker and prone to violence. Darren was convicted of assault on two different men six months after Eli’s birth and spent a year and a half before being released on parole. Within a month of returning home Darren began abusing Eli. Eli was now two years old and during a visit to his grandmother’s home only four months after Darren’s return, Eli appeared to have lost ten pounds and could barely walk. Upon further examination by Eli’s grandmother discovered he had multiple bruises and even apparent cigarette burn all over his body. She pleaded with them to take the boy to a doctor or leave him with her so she could do so. Both Mary and Darren refused and instead went back to their own home. The grandmother called child protective services and a case worker and police officer went to the Creekmore home to investigate. The case worker had Eli taken to the emergency room where Dr Peter Milliken treated him. Dr Milliken stated in a police report that the child’s...
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