The Unplugging Written by Yvette Nolan

Topics: Middle age, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 3 (1197 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Imagine a prejudice, post-apocalyptic society in which middle aged women were being discriminated. The Unplugging written by Yvette Nolan focuses on two middle aged native women, Bernadette and Elena who were banished from their native country for being too old and now must be able to adapt to the adversities they now face. Additionally, the theatric production of The Unplugging by the Vancouver Arts Club further strengthens the plot of the play. The actor’s performances, in particular that of Bern, helps reaffirm her generous character as well as the central theme of hospitality throughout the play. Jenn Griffin as Bern conveys a message of hope and a desire to fulfill her happiness which is persistent throughout the written text of the play.

Exiled from their homeland, Elena and Bern mark on their journey to find shelter in the frigid temperatures of Northern Canada. Jenn Griffin is dressed up in many layers of clothing, mittens, winter coat, as well as winter boots. The physical appearance of Jenn Griffin personifies the harsh conditions Elena and Bern endure while on their journey. Elena, a lot frailer than Bern, is overwhelmed by the freezing temperatures and admits defeat, “Bernadette, just leave me. I don’t want to go on” (Nolan 4). However, Bern refuses to leave her, “I am not going on without you” (4). This is also evident during the theatric performance as Bern forcefully tries to pull Elena along with her eventually persuading her to move along with her. Bern deeply cares about Elena and her unwillingness to leave her behind demonstrates a close bond between her and Elena. Bern remains hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel as the move along on their journey.

Along their journey, the two finally seek shelter inside an abandon log house. The log house is full of natural resources like lanterns and candles which are critical to their survival. Also, a neighboring monk’s place whose “house is built like a temple to nature,”...
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