The Unplugged Task

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The unplugged task
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Year 8 experienced a weekend without technology (The unplugged task) from Friday (5:00 pm) to Monday (9:00 am). To see how much we use it and how frequently we need it. We couldn’t use our laptops, phones, iPods, TV’s, Radio’s and so much more. At the start of the unplugged task, it was very easy for most of us. When the weekend went by it got harder and harder. Everyone noticed that morning’s was the easiest because there were things to do and places to go. The hardest was at night when you are sitting there with nothing too do and you want to watch TV, text/call someone or listen too music. These are peoples thoughts on the unplugged task!

Cambell: “Most of my life is very dependent on technology I use it for so much things such as home work, communication, keeping in contact with people, listening to music and so much more. I use technology so often and I didn’t really realize how much I do use it.”

Ben : ”What surprised me about myself was that when I didn’t use my phone as much I became less antisocial to the people around me.” Alex: “if we don’t know something, we go on Google. If we need to find answers for projects we go on the computers. We are so lucky, before our time, people had to open a book and find the information they needed. All we have to do is type it in Google and click “enter”.” Ally: “My life is pretty dependent on technology because it gives me something to do and if I want to know something I just look it up on Google or if I want to know what is going on in the world I just watch the news.” During the unplugged task I noticed that we use technology every single day. Weather its watching the news, calling someone or simply listening to the radio. We all use it. It got hard for me Saturday night when I went to my friend’s house and she wanted to watch a movie and I couldn’t say no! The easiest times...
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