The United States Will Fall Like Rome

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  • Published : June 12, 2013
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The United States Will Fall Like Rome

The United States is a powerful nation that is around 250 years old replicating that of Rome whose empire lasted 270 years. These empires have similar backgrounds regarding their foundation and governmental structures. The U.S. has a democracy that allows citizens to participate in the government while Rome’s republic acts the same way. Also, the United States’ legislative body is made up of Congress just like Rome who had a Senate. Some social pressures that occurred in Rome were the publics’ low confidence in the governing body of the empire. And finally, Inflation was an economic issue that contributed to the fall of Rome and is also occurring in the United States today. The social, economic and political contributions combined with Invasions by germanic tribes caused the final fall of Rome. The fate of the United States will mimic that of Rome in that social pressures, economic turmoil and political corruption will attribute to its demise.

Social pressures are a major contributor as to why the U.S. will fall much like Rome. Rome’s Citizens started to show low confidence in Empire, much like what is happening in the U.S. now. Today, in the United States “sixty-five percent of American voters think the federal government is ‘broken’” (Blanton par1). The government is broken is up seven percentage points from fifty-eight percent two years ago. These percentages show the United States is losing much confidence in its government and is increasing over-time. Not only will the U.S. fall because of social pressures but also because of economic turmoil felt across the nation.

Economic turmoil are a major contributor as to why the U.S. will fall much like Rome, inflation specifically. Inflation is an economic indicator that assesses the fall in purchasing power of currency. Usually, inflation is caused by an increase in the money supply, which leads to price increases.“In recent years there has been a...