The United States Supreme Court

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The United States Supreme Court|

The purpose of the Supreme Court is to be the main analyst of the United States Constitution. The Supreme Court also makes decisions on federal statutes. The Supreme Court is the final higher court to appeal to when cases have not been able to be resolved through previous court proceedings. The Supreme Court has a high regard for power and impact on numerous major legal, political, and social issues in the country. The Supreme Court is actually the highest court of appeals. There are nine justices, including a chief justice, the president appoints them and they hold their position for life. This means that they are justices for the remainder of their lives unless unable to do so. In most cases where a justice has to step down from their position it is usually health related. When the Supreme Court reviews cases, it does not mean that the court will hear the case. Due to so many cases, presented to the Supreme Court the panel of nine judges must review the cases and then four out of the nine have to agree to the cases they will further review. Cases that the Supreme Court hears are cases that involve legal questions regarding the constitution or matters of federal law. The Supreme Court looks more at cases that require a more in depth look at constitutional rights in the new era. The Supreme Court also takes interest in request made to help solve conflicting outcomes for crimes committed in different jurisdictions that offer different verdicts. After the nine judges hear the contents of a case, they retire to a private room where they discuss the facts of the case to make a decision. The Supreme Court justices generally meet on Tuesdays and Fridays to discuss and come to a verdict about a case. The justices are the only people present in the room during the discussion and...
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