The United States of Immigrants

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Immigration and Ethnicity
September 29, 2013
The United States of Immigrants
The United States of America is known as “the land of the free”. We are a nation full of immigrants who have traveled from across the globe. Being the most diverse country on Earth, America is where they want to go. But why? Why do people consistently choose America as their destination to live? America was founded on freedom which attracts people from different cuts of life. We take in individuals and give them a chance to thrive. Whether it is with work opportunities, freedom of religion, a better economy or shelter from war and discrimination, the United States of America is the place to be.

Job opportunities have continuously been one of the greatest push/pull factors in bringing people to America. Since the birth of America, up until very recently, jobs were in high demand because of the rapid growth of our nation. When people in other countries did not have work, they came to America, the land of opportunity. During the 1830’s to the 1880’s, it was dubbed “Old Immigration” when numerous immigrants originating from Northwest and Eastern Europe came to America. From the 1840’s through the 1850’s, mass quantities of Irish immigrants arrived at port cities like New York and Boston for work. Since work was scarce in their home countries, they had agreed to work very hard for long hours with little pay here in America. This provided them with job security since employers would rather hire new immigrants who were willing to work for less. Alongside the Irish in the 1840’s, a significant amount of Germans came to the United States seeking labor. Germany had a recent crop failure which not only wiped out a great amount of jobs, but damaged the overall quality of life as well. Since food prices skyrocketed and employment began to go downhill, people decided to leave Germany in hopes that America will provide them with a more suitable life. Numerous amounts of German farmers settled in...
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