The United States of America – a Pure Warmonger or Just a Defender of the Free World?

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  • Published : March 19, 2012
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The United States of America – a pure warmonger or just a defender of the free world?

The United States has arguably been a nation which has changed the world multiple times since its foundation when they declared their independence from Britain in 1776. After the 18th century the US has been involved in several conflicts, not just within the country, but also in foreign lands. And today, America is still a powerhouse in both military and economically. And lately, USA has been stamped as aggressor and as an egoist country only caring for themselves. The Cold War had set its toll on the free world, even though the USSR and US were never directly at war, both sides lost countless men and material goods indirectly fighting each other in foreign lands. After the Second World War the USSR was the new bad dog down the street, and USA sough to stop this pest from expanding further than Eastern-Europe and into Asia.

In the 1950s it was important for America to show its strength against communism and the soviets that they had the power to fight back, so they got the UN to ratify a war against North Korea when South-Korea was attacked. This resulted in an American led war against the North Koreans which later on ended up in standstill on both parts. America was the big factor in helping defending the south, and to what purpose? South Korea was at this time very un-industrialized, and they had no rich mineral resources to pay America later, and to this day South Korea hasn’t paid a dime to the US for the war effort. This shows us that America wasn’t helping for the cause of money or recourses, but rather to help the South Koreans stop the invading North Koreans. Although America didn’t get any war loot, they shook the communist regimes showing that they are ready for war, which is a political plot, and America gained a lot of ground on that field in this short-lived war. When the soviets established a foothold in Cuba by placing nuclear warheads there the free...
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