The United States Illegal Immigration Dilemma

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Illegal immigration, Immigration Pages: 6 (2150 words) Published: February 3, 2011
The United States Illegal Immigration Dilemma

Michael A. Clinton

Dr. Rufus Robinson

POL 300 Contemporary International Relations

September 3, 2010
The United States throughout its history has been built by the hard work and contributions of immigrants. Immigration has always been a vital part of the development of this nation from Colonial days until now; however, Illegal Immigrations has become an issue that is not just discussed by the politicians in Washington, DC and those Border States that are been affected most by it. The issue of Illegal Immigration over the last decade or so is now an issue that seems to be affecting more aspects of the Nation than most seem to be aware of. Illegal immigration has the United facing a situation that it has not had to deal with in over two centuries. The issue of illegal immigration is poses several questions that need to be addressed; how did we get ourselves in the predicament that we are in? Was it the Government Policies and Laws that were or are not being enforced? Maybe, the lack of border security or could those employers who hire known illegal immigrants be the cause. Another, topic that needs to be address when considering the dilemma facing the US is; What impact does Illegal Immigration have on the countries overall Economic System? How does this problem affect our Health Care System, our Educational Systems and Employment opportunities for legal Tax-paying citizens? The most important topic of all is; what is a viable solution to the problem of Illegal Immigration? What type of Immigration Reform will work for all parties involved? Will allowing States to come up with their own laws, instead of relying on the Federal Laws be the right answer, or will revising the 14th Amendment, or Amnesty is the solution?

Congress’ major intent when creating Immigration Laws and Policies both early in US history and recently was to accomplish the several goals; “First, to reunite families by admitting immigrants who already have family members living in the United States. Second, seeks to admit workers with specific skills and to fill positions in occupations deemed to be experiencing labor shortages. Third, it attempts to provide a refuge for people who face the risk of political, racial, or religious persecution in their country of origin. Finally, it seeks to ensure diversity by providing admission to people from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the United States” (Congressional Budget Office, 2006 p. 8); however, there are others actions, or lack of action by government agencies that seem to counteract the very intent of the laws and policies created. One example is the lack of funding and enforcement of our countries border security system. Another example is the non-enforcement of laws and policies governing employers who knowing hire illegal immigrants. Statements like the following by then President Bush, sums up the US governments state of mind and the country’s National Interest concerning the Illegal Immigration issue; “the U.S needs more cheap labor from south of the border to do the jobs Americans aren’t willing to do, there are uncalculated cost involved in the importation of such labor – public support and uninsured medical costs” (Costs of Immigration, 2007, para.1). Illegal Immigration’s impact on the US economy can be seen in the following areas: Our Health Care System, our Education System and in Employment Opportunities for legal citizens. The net fiscal cost of immigration ranges from $11 billion to $22 billion per year, with most government expenditures on immigrants coming from state and local coffers, while most taxes paid by immigrants go to the federal treasury. The net deficit is caused by a low level of tax payments by immigrants, because they are disproportionately low-skilled and thus earn low wages, and a higher rate of consumption of...
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