The United Nations and Children

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  • Published : May 31, 2012
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Essay: The United Nations and Children

The United Nations, it is an international organization with its bodies which is known for its worldwide aid. One of those bodies is UNICEF, known for its development aid for children in developing countries. This is seen in sources A-E. How far do these sources support the view that the 1980s was the most successful decade for the UN’s assistance for the world’s children?

Source A supports this view fully, since it talks about the decision of UNICEF to provide essential drugs for children in Africa. UNICEF states that the economic crisis in the 1980s ‘had reversed hard-won gains in social progress’ and that this had an ‘adverse impact’ on the children in that area. Since they suffered the most, UNICEF came with the idea to help the children in that area, so they prevent the situation from escalating. If UNICEF doesn’t take any action, the gap will widen and ‘the situation will be worse in 2000 than it was in 1980’. This source is also a primary source from 1988 written by the UN Chronicle, which makes it reliable, because it originates from the time itself; in the 1980s.

Source B also supports the view that the 1980s was the most successful decade for the UN’s assistance for the world’s children completely, since the General Assembly, a body within the United Nations, proclaimed the Declaration on the Rights of the Child. This declaration focuses on the world’s children that they ‘should have a happy childhood’. This declaration was effective because all national governments were called to recognize these rights for all children that needed it and because thirty years later it was ‘translated into a legally binding international agreement’, the Convention of the Rights of the Child in 1987, another reason which fully supports the view. Source B is also a primary source from the UN Chronicle, originating from 1989, so it makes it a reliable source. We can link sources A and B, since they both speak positive about...
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