The Unique Relationship and the Second World War

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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In Warren F. Kimball's novel, Forged in War- Roosevelt, Churchill, and the Second World War, the unique relationship between Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. The two created a friendship to lead the Allied powers out of the shadow of the Third Reich. Although the two were not fond of each other in the beginning, the respect that they had for each other was the bond that held them together. Kimball argues the main points on why the world went to war in the 1930's. He proves the theory that an American-Anglo alliance during World War II to be wrong and that it is a false conclusion.

Kimball's novel is painless to follow. He takes excessive research and put his ideas in writing in a brief but comprehensive fashion. He writes of all of the burdens and complications of diplomacy that resulted in the Allied alliance. Kimball backs his historical analysis with primary sources, which contributes to his novels credibility. He uses sources that express the consistency and compatibility between Roosevelt and Churchill. Kimball expresses how Roosevelt felt about the war. He writes about his forceful effort to remain out of the war while also hoping for that Hitlers defeat is taken care of in the correct way. Kimball shuts down the idea that Franklin Roosevelt wanted to enter the war to put an end to the Great Depression. He then expresses his knowledge of Churchill's campaign to get America involved in the war.

Kimball explains that each leader of the alliance goal was to protect their national interest and hold on to their power until they did not have a choice. He explains that the alliance did not happen immediately and that it too time to form. He notes that the idea of self-determination was discussed between Churchill and Roosevelt, which shows Churchill's priorities in preserving the British Empire. Roosevelt goal was to put a stop to Hitler's growing power and to end European colonial.

Kimball explains that the diplomatic events that took place...
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