The Unique of Music.

Topics: Music, Brain, Psychology Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: December 25, 2012


Topic: The unique of music.
General purpose: To inform.
Specific purpose: To inform my audience the benefits of music therapy to people with psychological disabilities. Central idea: There are two benefits of music therapy to people with psychological disabilities which are music marks the brain and music can be a powerful tool to relieve stress. Major idea: 1. The first benefits is music marks the brain.

2. The second benefits is music can be a powerful tool to relieve stress.

(Play piano instrumen). Greetings. Introduce myself to audience. Music is used in a variety of ways throughout daily life. It can be used for relaxing, social activities, medication, dancing and just background music, to name but a few. For some, nearly every daily activity is accompanied by music while others listen to it only on occasion. So, today I am gonna talk about the unique of music in our daily life.

The first benefits is music help marks the brain as it trace a memory actually. Music have been used to help people with psychological disabilities which to recover of hand function after a stroke or serius injured. Joseph Classen, Profesor of Neurology at the University of Leipzig have set up an experiment with his group by using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to excite the neurons in specific parts of the brain. He used nine violist and six pianists and were asked to play while wore a sensory glove. This experiment have been proved and the Knowledge, Asian’s Magazine had published about this in one article for volume 3, Issue 4. ( show a short video about violist and pianists )

Next, music can be a powerful tool relieve stress and we all known that there were varies of music type. The most suitable is a song without a lot of vocals. One of a health educator whom now an active author for website, Elizabeth Scott has listed various forms of music to relieve stress in...
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