The Union of Pride and Prejudice

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  • Published : December 5, 2011
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Ranim Ziade
Mr. Swanlund
English 101
TR 2:30-3:45
10 December 2009
The Union of Pride and Prejudice
“You love me!” exclaimed Mr. Darcy with an aggravated look on his face. “Yes, just as much as I loathe you!” replied Elizabeth while tears ran down her face. Pride and Prejudice illustrates the love that young, and not so wealthy Elizabeth has for the dashing and rich Mr. Darcy. Jane Austin’s original novel of Pride and Prejudice exemplifies love, and how it cannot stop two people from coming together just because of social class or family expectations. Jane Austin targets young adults, mainly those who are in love, because she establishes a theme that explains love can happen to anyone. The passion that is produced from the actors, allows the audience to feel they can fall in love with whomever their heart chooses. Elizabeth is a strong and prideful individual, who comes across Mr. Darcy, a prejudice and self- centered man. Because of the roles Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy play, there is a major connection between them. In the 2005 movie rendition of Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth’s pride in herself and Mr. Darcy’s prejudice behavior on social class, allows them to realize the true love they have for each other because of their constant arguing, and the connection with “opposites attract.”

Pride and Prejudice carries an overall plot that establishes a story on the game of love among the British upper classes. The theme is the title, Pride and Prejudice, which indicates preparation to judge, classify, and accept. By being able to divide pride and prejudice among Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, the audience can distinguish the differences between these two characters. Most of the people coming to watch this movie are those who are inspired by love and believe that love can conquer everything. The audience is being affected in mainly two ways, love and hate. In most relationships the couples experience love, just like Elizabeth and how she realizes she loves Mr. Darcy. The other feeling people experience in a relationship is hate, and this feeling is shown between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in many scenes throughout the movie. Elizabeth is the character that creates passion and love, while Mr. Darcy is the man who carries great power and hate. The movie introduces the Bennets who are the parents of five daughters, and moderately content with their poor lifestyle. When news of the arrival of two distinguished men, Mr. Darcy and Charles Bingley reaches the Bennets, Mrs. Bennet quickly arranges a meeting, hoping to marry one of her daughters to them. Jane Bennet, the oldest daughter takes a sudden interest in Mr. Bingley, but Elizabeth finds Mr. Darcy extremely disagreeable. After dealing with endless problems from each other, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy realize that their differences is what ties them together, so they end up falling in love. An intelligent and strong-willed woman, Elizabeth inspires the audience because it allows them to keep hoping she will always do the right thing. Elizabeth Bennet’s character is the essence of pride. Her first encounter with Mr. Darcy reveals the sudden interest she takes in him, while trying to ignore his conceit. In the very beginning of the movie, the characters are introduced at a ball, and after inspecting Mr. Darcy thoroughly, Elizabeth likes what she sees. Mr. Darcy then tells his friend Mr. Bingly how “childish” Elizabeth is, and later that night Elizabeth tells her sister what Mr. Darcy said and how it affected her, making her sad. “I could more easily forgive his vanity, had he not wounded mine” (Pride and Prejudice). Elizabeth explains to Jane that she would have easily gotten over Mr. Darcy’s pride, if he had not hurt hers. Mr. Darcy brought up Elizabeth’s wealth a couple times in the movie, but whenever he said something to try and bring her down, she ignored it and stayed strong. Regardless of the amount of money...
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