The Unhate Foundation

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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THE UNHATE Foundation

The Benetton Group formed the UNHATE Foundation at the end of 2011 to identify and pursue tangible initiatives and projects which support the social aspirations of its campaigns. The UNHATE Foundation constitutes a world frame of reference for the promotion of the culture of non-hate and acceptance, based on the founding values of United Colors of Benetton.

The core principles through which the Foundation operates are: the fight against hate and discrimination in all its forms; the support of new generations, where youth are the main actors and beneficiaries of concrete projects, communication campaigns and education activities; the dissemination of the social impact of Art, as the key tool of the Foundation in its activities against hate and discrimination.

The UNHATE projects support concrete actions in local communities to promote dialogue and the acceptance of diversity. They are implemented by associations and organisations whose beneficiaries are young people. These actions are selected for their capacity to bring long-lasting and rooted positive effects in the target communities.

As its first concrete project, the UNHATE Foundation has supported the social reintegration, through art and photography, of New Delhi’s street children, in partnership with the Salaam Balak Trust, a local organisation. In Brazil it’s starting a project for children and youth of Sao Paulo, together with the local partner Projeto Quixote: through art activities, street children and youth in danger will have a chance of social upliftment. In New York, the UNHATE Foundation is developing a project for youth of the Portorican community in Harlem.

Moreover, following the November 2011 launch of the UNHATE campaign, the Foundation supported an artistic initiative to create a giant “Dove of Peace” using spent bullet casings collected from warzones across Africa. The piece was designed and built by students from around the world and presented as a...
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