The Unfinished Civil War Movie Review

Topics: Southern United States, United States, American Civil War Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: May 12, 2013
The Southern states have been defeated 150 years or so, yet the Confederate Flag stands tall in Southern states to this day. The Confederate flag holds a history of slavery, oppression, and racism. The fate of the flag is still being debated to this very day. If anything the flag needs to be displayed in a Museum, and not on a Capital Building. Many see bearing the Confederate Flag as a symbol of Free Speech. However The Confederate flag is inherently racist in its symbolism. The Confederate Flag has been compared to the Nazi’s Flag. The Southern States needs to take a lesson from the Germans. Many Germans don’t like to talk about the Horrors of World War 2, and the attempted extermination of the Jewish Religion. They feel it is a very shameful part of their history and would like to forget it. Yet the South still holds bitter resentment to the North and still displays the Confederate Flag with pride upon their Capitol Buildings above the American Flag. One of the main reasons the Civil War was fought was to end 300 Years of Slavery. The North won the war, and the South lost. Many of the former Slaver Masters lost their main source of income when The African Americans got their freedom. As a result of this new freedom many KKK-like (And the KKK) organizations sprung up. These groups used the Confederate Flag as a sign of suppressing the newly freed African Americans. As a result of the years after the war the Flag needs to be banned. It symbolizes Racism, oppression, and the Division of the United States of America. It tells America’s enemies overseas that we are not a truly “United” Nation under God. And should only be represented in a museum. Where people can appreciate its value without all of the Anger attached to without it being displayed on a Capitol Building.
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