The Unfavorable Effects of Lottery

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Lottery is a gamble and is based on sheer luck which is not reliable at all. I firmly believe that any sort of gambling should never be practiced and avoided totally. This essay will highlight the adverse effects of lottery. To begin with,some people buy lottery tickets for smaller amount regularly with a hope of getting at least some amount back. Fortunately, if they get a reasonable amount as prize money , they get hooked and buy lottery tickets regularly. This habit might end up in addiction and result in loss of huge amount of their hard earned money.Therefore,people should not get entangled with the thread of buying lottery tickets. On the contrary, some people argue that with the help of lady luck they could become rich overnight without much hardship. For example, a simpleton gets a million through  purchase of a lottery ticket for only Rs.10/-. When such incidents get publicity,other people get influenced and try to do the same. However, almost all of them lose their money and don't give up the habit till the monster of lottery consumes a reasonable amount of money. I personally, know a head of a family who used to spend his salary in buying lottery tickets and lost everything. In addition, he would borrow money paying interest and gamble with it. After losing thousands of rupees he not only ruined his life but also the lives of his family members. No amount of advice could save him from the deep pit he had fallen into. At last, he needed counselling to come out of the dreaded habit. After pondering over the argument thoughtfully, I have come to a conclusion that one should not waste one's money on serendipity,because lady luck is very hard to get. Instead one should work hard and invest money in the banks which would give them good interest and avoid gambling habit as they avoid plague which is fatal.
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