The Unexpected Symbolic Outcome of "The Lottery"

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  • Published : March 6, 2007
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The Unexpected Symbolic Outcome of "The Lottery"
Violence and human cruelty are two horrible things that occurred a long time ago and continue to be an ongoing issue in our society today. Everyone has either experienced, been apart of, or witnessed these awful acts at least once in their lifetime. Author Shirley Jackson coveys both violence and human cruelty in her well known short story "The Lottery". "Jackson's The Lottery" states, "The date of the lottery, its location, and the symbolic or ironic names of its characters all work to convey a meaning that is even more disturbing than the shock created by its well-known ending" (Yarmove 242). In Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery", she uses techniques such as symbolism and irony to reveal how cruel and violent people can be. Shirley Jackson uses symbolism in the story through a variety of different techniques such as setting, characters, and color to help symbolize the violence and cruelty that is taking place. Shirley Jackson's short story was very interesting because of all the satire and symbols that she puts into the story. Shirley Jackson begins "The Lottery" on a warm June day in a small town. She then describes the annual event that occurs in the town. This event is a tradition that is also done by many of the neighboring towns also. Next, Jackson explains how the children went to the town square first and begin to collect stones for the event, and then the men and women of the village come to the square also. Everyone is present in the town square because they are ready for the yearly lottery which Mr. Summers is in charge of. Mr. Summers brings the black box which has small pieces of paper folded inside of it out into the middle of the square and sits it on a stool. The men in each family then have to go draw a piece of paper from the black box. The family that gets the piece of paper with the black dot has to then have every family member including the kids draw again from the box....
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