The Understanding and Concept of Organizational Culture

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  • Published : December 29, 2010
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The Understanding and concept of Organizational Culture.
The understanding of organizational culture, through the assistance of two texts, for a reader. The extracts in Appendix 1, the first being from Wikipedia (2009) and second from a textbook (2008), has various positive and negative aspects which influence the reader’s ability to understand what is meant by the term Organizational Culture. One influential factor, when evaluating the extent of understanding between the two texts, is the actual content that is presented. From both texts, the titles suggest that the rest of the information will be focused on either “Organizational culture” – from Wikipedia, or “Cultures and their components” – from the textbook. With text 1, it only starts with explaining what the actual term means, describing the various ways in which it can be interpreted, which for a reader is fairly helpful. However, it is after the second paragraph that the reader becomes confused, as ‘Corporate culture’ is introduced, and the rest of the article discusses what the latter term means. For a reader, who does not fully understand organizational culture, having the two different types of culture being presented to them, both of which have similar descriptions, it would make it difficult to comprehend the idea of organizational culture. With the second text, the title is very general, and therefore explores the various different cultures, as well as ensuring that there is a link back to organizational culture. In addition, by defining organizational culture with little use of business terminology ,and then following on to provide examples of differing cultures in various businesses, the second extract puts the idea in perspective for the reader, making them more confident that they understand the term. The content, all the way throughout the second text, develops the definition of culture, by then describing how it can improve the overall performance in the company as it “provides members...
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