The Underlying Causes of the 1905 Revolution in Russia Were Not Political. Whatever the Revolutionaries Wanted, It Was Not the Overthrow of the Tsar.' How Far Do You Agree with This Claim?

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  • Published : January 12, 2012
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'The underlying causes of the 1905 revolution in Russia were not political. Whatever the revolutionaries wanted, it was not the overthrow of the Tsar.' How far do you agree with this claim?

This essay will assess the claim that the underlying causes of the Russian revolution of 1905 were not political and the revolutionaries did not intend to overthrow the Tsar. The 1905 Russian revolution was caused by a number of different factors. The Russo-Japanese War and the Red Sunday were some of them. The basic cause was probably social discontent amongst the different classes in Russia and their burden of taxation. The poor conditions of Russia before the 1905 revolution also contributed to the cause and thus they will also be covered in this essay.

The following paragraph will explain the conditions of Russia which led to the 1905 revolution. Russia was an economically, socially and politically unstable country even in the early 19th century. Bad harvests and industrial slumps led to rising discontent amongst the Russian population. Most of the population were still serfs but they were not exempted from the payment of high taxes. Without sufficient food and job opportunities, the serfs were left materially deprived and starving but the government still attempted to collect taxes while the nobility and the clergies were exempted from paying.

The Russo-Japanese War and it's effects on Russia ultimately led to the 1905 revolutionary will be explained in this paragraph. In 1904, a disastrous war broke out between Japan and Russia. This only served to increase Nicholas II's difficulty in governing the country. The two countries mainly fought for control over Manchuria and Korea. Russia's army wasn't entirely ready for the battle since it's soldiers were still weak in numbers and in training compared to that of Japan. Thus Russia lost both the battles on land and sea. The war only increased Russia's economic problems and destroyed the government's...
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