The Underlying Causes of Big Revolution in England

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Canal Pages: 3 (669 words) Published: April 20, 2013
The Underlying Causes of Big Revolution in England
Since the beginning of history of humanity, with developing circumstances and increasing demands, changes and revolutions are inevitable for communities. Certainly, these revolutions, some of which have striking and remarkable consequences in periods of history, are possessed of main major and effective reasons. The Industrial Revolution, which was born in England in 18th century and impressed the whole world saliently, can be given as the most important and illustrative example for this kind of revolutions. Even though, there are three master reasons to explain the causes of Industrial Revolution in England; technological developments, advances in agriculture and improvements in transportation.

First of all, the most significant reason of Industrial Revolution in England rises from technological developments. Inventions of new machines and the use of new basic materials triggered the advances in technology in England. The Industrial Revolution could not have developed without coal and iron. Coal provided the power to drive the steam engines and was needed to make iron. Iron was used to improve machines and tools and to build bridges and ships. One of the most important inventions of the Industrial Revolution is steam engine. Industry need a new, cheap and efficient source of power and found it in the steam engine. Dr. Yavuz acknowledge that watt's steam engine that could be used in every industrial area caused a big change in english manifacture and it is patented in 1769.(n,p.6) The other most significant invention is spinning jenny which greatly speeded up the process of weaving cotton threads into cloth.

Secondly, the other striking reason of Industrial Revolution in England is based on advances in agriculture. Since the first people, the agriculture is fundamental daily bread for societies and principles of state were based on agriculture. XXXXX states, “In the 16th and 17th centuries,...
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