The Under-Appreciated Career of a Correctional Officer

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  • Published : December 5, 2011
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The Under-appreciated career of a Correctional Officer

A career as is way to show the amount of raw talent people hold within themselves. The reason why people succeed in their career is because they enjoy their work. It can determine where a people live, the friends they make, and the amount of money a people earns. A career can also determine how a person feels about himself and how others act towards them. A career can vary greatly in the type of work involved and how it influences a person’s life. A job is where people go to make money but they are not proud of working at that job unlike if they had a career they would be proud of working. A Correctional Officer’s career carries these traits and requires much more talent from a person than a day–to-day job could ever fulfill. It is much different when the same position is sought by someone that only believes it is a job and not a career. The people tend to go to great lengths to feel powerful and not find their talents to succeed. A career as a Correctional Officer can affect a person’s life in many ways. It’s dependent on a person’s dignity and characterizes how that people would be described in society. It expands their knowledge and develops hidden talents that a person otherwise would not know existed. Their strength and their weakness are visible and through training become their greatest talent. A career as a Correctional Officer not only changes the officer’s outlook on himself but also how to maintain authority he has over the inmates. Most common people in the same position would more than likely abuse the power they hold over the inmates and yet the talented person with this position creates a comfortable line between the two. ( Courtright) The physical demand that a Correctional Officer faces are harsh and drains them mentally and physically. They’re paid knowing at any minute they could get a disease, be stabbed, or never see your family again because of their line of work. They are...
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