The Uncertain

Topics: Family, José Rizal, Calamba City Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: July 14, 2011

Summary: Rizal formerly lived in the house of his uncle, Jose Albertos, when he was still studying in Binan Laguna. There is an uncertain relationship between Jose Alberto and Teodora Alonso, according to Rizal’s a letter to Blumentritt saying Teodora Alonso’s father Lorenzo Alberto Alonso, “was a deputy for the Philippines in the Cortes” and his uncle, Jose Alberto “was educated in Europe” and was also a knight in the Order of Isabel La Catolica. In the contrary of Leon Ma. Guerrero’s research in Spain, stating that they could not find a deputy in the Cortes named Lorenzo Alberto Alonso on the other hand, John Browing says Jose Alberto was educated in Calcutta, not in Europe. Another is a descendant of Jose Alberto, Don Zoilo Alberto refuses to give information regarding Rizal saying that every people can invent Rizal stories, feeling that Don Zoilo was not proud to be related to Rizal. Instead he gave a faded photocopy handed by his maid, an article of an Ilocos Review by a grandson of Isabelo de los Reyes showing how Rizals of Calamba were related to Florentinos of Ilocos, then the 24-year old grandfather of Rizal, Lorenzo Alberto Alonso, had married a 12-year old Ilocana name Paulo Florentino in 1814. Years later, found the same Lorenzo Alberto Alonso in Binan living-in with Brigida Quintos, where they had five children including Teodora Alonso Quintos Realonda. Brigida Quintos and Lorenzo Alonso moved to Calamba where their daughter married Francisco Mercado and had eleven children one of whom is Jose Rizal, then on it was clear that Jose Alberto of Binan was the half-brother of Teodora Alonso, the latter coming from the illigitimate branch of the family.

Reaction: It is confusing and convulted to understand Rizal’s family background due to numerous biographers contributing inconsistent information about Rizal, it is really easy to make a fraud or make-up stories about Rizal or many people insists of Rizals existence in certain...
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