The UN in the Current International System

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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The United Nations was established in 1945. According to John T. Rourke, “…the UN was founded mainly to maintain peace, but it was also charged with improving humankind’s social and economic situation.” (171). Now we can already conclude that the United Nations, like the United States, plays a very important role in our current international system. While the international system has predominately been controlled by several large world powers, the United Nation has continued to hold fast on the major policies that have helped shaped our world. As for the other less powerful states, it’s more likely that they will engage into fragmentation causing further challenges to the American policies.

Simultaneously, the United Nations acts to fulfill its own best interests to influence the socio-economic environment significantly. Throughout the history of the United Nations, the impact it has had on world politics should not be underestimated, especially in it’s more subtle and intangible forms. At the outset it is important to clarify the proposition that the United Nations is an actor in world politics. According to Zhang Quanyi a Columnist for Global Survey, “Despite growing criticism over its inability to solve global problems, the United Nations is still important as the only place where the nations of the world are seeking common solutions to global issues. Many realists describe the current international system of governance as a state of anarchy, since nation states are unwilling to submit themselves to the rule of the United Nations or any other world body. Still, with sovereign states at the top of the governance hierarchy, the importance of the United Nations cannot be denied. It plays a critical role in promoting global cooperation and healthy international relations.” (Quanyi)

Based on the evidence, the most efficient conclusions would be to state that the United Nations will grow in the next two decades. Although there are other organizations with...
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