The Un's Involvement in World Peace

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14 December 2012

The Involvement of the United Nations in Keeping Peace Around the World

Most people demand and desire a state of peace in the world, but it is a prominent fact that violence is inevitable. Whether there is a motive to it, or it is simply a random act of cruelty, reoccurring violence makes peace an idea and prevents it from ever becoming a reality. Terrorist attacks have stunningly decreased over the years thanks to anti-terrorist groups and higher security worldwide. Groups like these vary from a range of government sectors to private organizations. One of the biggest and most effective of these groups is the United Nations, also known as the UN. The UN is a governmental organization run by the governments of one hundred and ninety three separate countries. Based in New York, New York the United Nations has a remarkable involvement in keeping peace around the world.

The Declaration by United Nations was signed on New Year’s Day 1942, during the Second World War, thus creating the foundation for the UN itself. The document was signed by the representatives of the original 26 countries at the Dumbarton Oaks Estate in Washington D.C. The purpose of the organizations was, at the time, “only a treaty between governments taking a pledge to continue fighting together against the Axis powers” of Nazi Germany (UN Charter). Little did they know that their treaty was to create the UN as we know it today. After the war, the group of representatives met to discuss the aftermath and rehabilitation of Europe along with how to deal with Germany, considering it was the same nation that started the two largest wars in history. The UN wasn’t officially established until October Twenty Forth, Nineteen Forty Five by Fifty One countries devoted to keeping peace by means of cooperation and collective security. The four purposes of the United Nations by the UN Charter are:

To maintain international...
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