The Ultimate Tragedy Is Not the Brutality of the Bad People but the Silence of the Good.

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Ralph Abernathy, Mahalia Jackson Pages: 3 (670 words) Published: January 23, 2011
"The ultimate tragedy is not the brutality of the bad people but the silence of the good people."

A fine specimen of the thinking process of a man, this is one of those Martin Luther King quotes that truly brings out the mettle of Martin Luther King Jr., the man who altered the destiny of African Americans. But who was this man besides being a public figure? What was he before becoming the champion of the Civil Rights Movement. Find out through the fascinating Martin Luther King facts that follows.

Facts on Martin Luther King
One of the most interesting Martin Luther King Jr. facts is that both Martin Luther King Sr. and Jr. were originally called by the name of 'Micheal king'. The occasion that prompted King Sr. to rechristen both himself and his son to 'Martin Luther' came 5 years after King Jr.'s birth when the family went to vacation in Germany and King Sr. was greatly influenced by the 16th Century German Protestant reformation leader, who protested against the reign of licentiousness that the Roman Catholic Church did nothing to stop and set up the wing of Christianity called 'Lutheranism'.

King was extremely close to his grandmother, Jennie Celeste Williams who passed away when King was only 12 years of age, in 1941. It had left King deeply shattered. A very touching account of this sad event remains illustrated in King's autobiography, where he calls this one of the moments that profoundly moved him.

Before joining college, King Jr. had worked at a tobacco firm in a bid to supplement his meager family earnings for an entire summer at Simsbury in Connecticut.

King Jr. had gotten the telephone number of his future wife Coretta from a common friend, Mary Powell, in a bid to meet what he explained as "nice, attractive young ladies". Coretta was a singer before marriage and King took her out for their first date in his green colored "Chevy".

The doctoral thesis King Jr. had submitted in the year 1955 supposedly had parts which were borrowed...
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