The Ultimate Renaissance Man: Scholar, Artist, Politician

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  • Published : January 29, 2011
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The Ultimate Renaissance Man: Scholar, Artist, Politician

The Ultimate Renaissance Man: few scholars achieve the degree of success necessary to qualify for such a distinguished title. Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, the famed painter, sculptor, architect, and inventor set such an example as the quintessential polymath and the world still struggles to produce another mind of his magnitude 500 years after his death. Although opinions of which achievements constitute a Renaissance man may differ, the title applies to either a man or woman, well-educated, innovative, and knowledgeable in both academics and the arts. During da Vinci’s time, the idea that women would accrue the knowledge and education of men of their time caused considerable ridicule. Relatively modern cultural changes made such achievements of the fairer sex possible. Select, exemplary women such as ‘warrior princess’ Condoleezza Rice acquire a vast wealth of knowledge, far exceeding men with fewer impediments.

Classic polymaths excel in a diverse selection of learning and activities. They attain remarkable musical success, speak multiple languages fluently, possess great knowledge of the literary classics, understanding, for example, the inward conflict of Achilles or the fatal consequences surrounding the teachings of Socrates. These extraordinary humans provide great insights into the world and leave significant impact on society long after their deaths. Innovations in science, political concepts, and the arts require brilliant minds. Without these ultimate-scholars the people of the world might live lesser lives. Leonardo da Vinci personifies the Renaissance man archetype. His artistic and technological advances remain unmatched.

Although a prodigious engineer and inventor, Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci’s magnificent art remains his most famous contribution to society. Leonardo’s painting, the Mona Lisa, remains the world’s single most famous work of art. According to...
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