The Ultimate Challenges for Global Warming

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  • Published : October 17, 2013
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The Ultimate Challenges for Global Warming

Recycling can help stop global warming, though not buying things that need to be recycled is even better. There are many challenges to overcome if the human race plans to stop global warming from getting worse than it already is. Global warming is not a new phenomenon by any means, since it started alongside the industrial revolution, centuries ago, but it is beginning to affect our planet in myriad ways. If action is going to be taken, now is the time to do it. 1. Understanding the Problem

One of the main challenges of global warming is that many aspects of the problem are not fully comprehended. Phenomenon such as positive feedback loops are poorly understood and often extremely unpredictable. Older ice, for example, reflects more sunlight than new ice, so when the old ice melts and then refreezes in the winter, the new ice does not reflect as much heat and melts more easily. There are potentially many other positive feedback loops, big and small, that researchers have not yet identified. Political Support

Another of the largest challenges to enacting solutions to global warming is finding the political support to do so. The Copenhagen Accord of 2009, which was supposed to extend the earlier Kyoto Accord, was a failure by most metrics and did not end with any legally binding agreement. Some countries have committed to ambitious plans to lower their emissions, but others, like China, continue to ramp up the amount of carbon dioxide they emit, negating the positive efforts of others. New Technologies

To have any chance of combating global warming, there must also be a concerted effort to develop new and better renewable energy sources. One of the main reasons that non-renewable energy sources are used so much is that they are cheaper and more convenient than the renewable alternatives. Geo-engineering technologies must also be developed, though not necessarily used. If human beings fail to enact any real solutions to global warming, there should be a plan B. New Ways of Living

The most significant challenges of all with regards to global warming, however, are the changes that must be made to the lives of the average person. People everywhere must endeavor to drive less, buy groceries closer to home and use less energy in general. The root problem of global warming is that the human race uses too much, and if everyone does not cut back there will never be a long-term solution to global warming.

Ten Things to Do to Stop Global Warming
Global warming is the rise in temperature of the Earth's atmosphere due to carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles and power plants as well as other factors. This issue has been at the center of a fierce debate for the last decade among scientists, politicians and social commentators. As global warming is largely a man-made phenomenon, you can take a number of steps in your everyday life to help curb the negative effects of global warming for future generations.

1. Switch Off the Lights
Remember to switch off the lights when you leave a room in your house. Leaving unneeded lights turned on is a waste of electricity and harmful to the environment. Artificial lighting accounts for around 15 percent of your energy bill. Flicking the switch will save you money on your utility bills. Boiling Water in the Kettle

Make sure you only put enough water in the kettle for your exact needs. People often fill the kettle with a rough estimate of how much water they need but waste hot water and energy in the process. Fill your cup with cold water and pour this amount into the kettle. Don't Leave Water Running

Many people leave the water running when they are brushing their teeth or washing the dishes. This is a massive waste of energy and not very environmentally friendly. Stop the tap while you are brushing your teeth and run it when you wish to swill your toothbrush. Likewise, fill the sink with hot water and put the plug in when you wash dishes to...
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