The Ukrainian Higher Education System Today

Topics: Higher education, Gymnasium, Education Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: April 22, 2013
A lot of us soon or late being either thinking students or worrying parents face with such problems “Which school is the best to study? Higher or Secondary Education” All this questions do not have clear and right answer but even though education is still one of the main and the most important problems of our society. So, how does the classical education system present itself?

During the period of Renaissances- lyceums, colleges and gymnasiums were the main elements of High Education. And the basic subjects were Latin and Greek language, history and literature. Its aim was acquire of self-education skills, which in further life would help in studying out other subjects. In addition, this system of education was paid, that is why it was available to not all population. Classical education was substituted be real education, the foundations of which were exact science. Real education system has given the ability for developing of technical specialization. New, at that time knowledge of math, physics and chemistry have brought into life electricity, steam machinery and electronic. In the beginning of the 20th century the education was still paid. But with the advent to power Communists Party, the education has become free. Free education became available for every person, even from villages, small towns and poverty from cities. The young state developed industry enterprises, built railways, were mastering virgin soil and Sibir. All this activities needed the specialists in exact science. In Soviet Union the school was chosen due to place of living. All school were the similar: the same program, same books, same education. Such position made senseless searching for another school. However, there was small number of special schools with deeper studying of foreign languages as German, French, Spanish and of course English. For the liquidation of illiteracy on one level with daily there also were evening schools, where adult people could receive basic knowledge....
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